Dealing with Hard Water


If you have city or well water you could be exposing yourself and your loved ones to unwanted chemicals and bacteria. A lot of water is “hard water” and this can cause such things as dry hair, dry skin, and may also not be cleaning your clothing and dishes as well as you would expect.

If municipal water is not treated it could contain chlorine or iron and have a high pH level. Well water varies on your location and water table in your area. Wells are effected by elevation, rain and snow fall. This can also contain bacteria, iron and minerals.  

All of these conditions can not only have an effect on your health but also the faucets, sinks, and pipes. All of these factors can greatly affect the water pressure in the house by causing a buildup that clogs filters and aerators on faucets.

Don't fret, there are solutions to all of you water conditioning needs! With a home water test we can provide options to treat your water to make it safer, softer, taste, and also smell better. In turn, you'll save money by not having to by bottled water, being able to use less laundry detergent, less shampoo and conditioner in the shower. This will also increase your water pressure and your appliances will last a lot longer!

We will install only what you need for your home and nothing more. No gimmicks! Our homeowners' needs are our first priority! Please contact Bennis Plumbing for any concerns you may have and we will be happy to give you our professional advice.

Brian Bennis